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Wise vs. Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food Comparison

Wise Food Storage and Survival Cave Food are two of the freeze dried foods that we carry here at EmergencyFoodWarehouse.com. So which is better? There really is no winner here. Both foods are great, and if they weren't we wouldn't carry them.

You may think that these are both just freeze dried foods and they are going to be exactly the same... Well, you would be wrong if you thought that. There are major differences in everything about them from the packaging to the price and everything in between. But don't worry, we have already done a completely unbiased comparison of them both for you! Check it out below!


Wise Food Storage

Survival Cave Food

Meals Wise has large, filling servings of mainly pastas and breakfasts in the larger packages. There are also additional packages of freeze dried meats, fruits, and vegetables. You are getting all meals with no real sides other than soups. Survival Cave has a wide variety of foods in eaach bucket, including pastas, soups, fruits, vegetables, and drink mixes. However, there are many more "sides" than full meals accounted as servings. Things like powdered milk and chocolate pudding are still considered a serving in the count.
Pouches There are four servings in each Wise individual mylar pouch with up to 40 pouches in each of the larger buckets.This makes it easy to only use what you are ready to eat. However, if you don't want all four servings at once, the pouches are not resealable. There are ten servings in each of the Survival Cave pouches, but they are resealable. There are up to 19 pouches in each of the larger buckets. This means that you will have to measure out each serving, but you will have no problem storing the leftovers when you're done.
Buckets The largest Wise bucket holds 120 servings and is nice and portable, always ready for on the go emergencies with it's convenient handle. All Wise buckets are easily stackable and can be stored away nicely. The largest Survival Cave bucket holds 360 servings, weighing in at about 40 pounds. This is fine for at home, but if you ever need to transport your food you may find it to be a little more difficult. It has no handle, but it is still easy to carry with the side grips. All Survival Cave Food buckets are also stackable, but may not fit into all of the tight spaces.
Nutrition Wise has been known to have rather high sodium in many of their meals. It is not unbearable by any means, but they definitely will give you all of your needed daily nutrition. (Wise Food Nutrition) Survival Cave Food is all low sodium and low fat, making it a healthy choice, but some of the servings may leave you wanting more. (Survival Cave Nutrition)

Wise Foods are the top of the line freeze dried food storage, giving you the most convenience and the most bang for your buck. The smaller pouches of food alone and the added convenience it provides is worth the money! Wise is a little bit on the more expensive side, but it is definitely a smart investment and one you should seriously consider. You get the most food, the most nutrition, and great meals that everyone will love!


Survival Cave Food is designed to help families prepare, that's their motto. They offer high quality, low priced freeze dried foods, sometimes half as expensive as Wise for equal servings on the larger packages. This low price is due to the minimal packaging. They have larger buckets and pouches, that each hold much more and it really cuts down on the costs. Don't think that you are getting bad foods. Survival Cave is just as good as anything, but the lesser amounts of packaging and the added inconvenience makes for lower prices.



Survival Cave and Wise Food 360 Serving Packages (click to enlarge)WiseVsSurvivalCave360.jpg



Wise and Survival Cave Freeze Dried Food:

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