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Water Storage Containers

What is more important than WATER in an emergency? NOTHING!

You can live for weeks without food.  Just DAYS without water.  When it comes down to it, handle your water needs first.  BEFORE you handle food.  Or at minimum deal with emergency water and emergency food at the same time.   Six months of food won't do you a bit of good if you don't have water.

Two water storage container priorities:

1.  Grab and Go water.  That's where the WaterBrick water storage containers really shine.  These WaterBricks hold 3.5 galons each, have a great handle, and make this water extremely easy to grab and go when you have to leave quick.  In my opinion, this is a "Must Have" item.

2.  Survive in Place water.  Economically, nothing beats our Sure Water tanks for minimum space, maximum water storage. If you need to hunker down at home for a while, the Sure Water Tanks are a great buy.

If you cannot afford both, start with some WaterBricks in whatever quantity you can afford.  Add to your water storage capacitity as you can. 

In addition to water storage containers, you should also consider water filters. You may have water stored, but maybe it isn't clean or maybe you run out and there isn't a clean water source around. With our emergency water filters you will be able to clean any water and refill your water storage containers in an emergency.

Everything we sell SHIPS FREE within the Continental U.S.

Are you ready for an emergency? What do you need most in the event that a disaster strikes? Water is essential to all life, even more so than food. Many people do not prepare for emergencies and do not have stored, safe drinking water. Therefore, they will not have clean water when there is not any available for them.

With our line of water storage containers, we make safe, clean water available to you in your time of need. All of our products make water easy to store in your house and have it ready to use when needed. The WaterBrick gives you the option of convenient water on-the-go, and the larger Super Tankers allow you to have more water stored in your home. You will feel safe, knowing that you are prepared for any emergency to come.

With a water tank and multiple WaterBricks you will have everything you need in terms of water storage containers. We chose these products specifically to make it simple for you, knowing that this is all you will need.

When dealing with water storage containers, it is important to have water on-the-go and stored in place. In the event that you have to evacuate your house in an emergency, you wont be able to carry a giant tank of water with you, and that is where the smaller containers are useful. Also, if you’re trapped inside of your house with no clean water supply, it would be very beneficial to have a larger, long term storage tank.

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