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Utility Axe

SKU: PT-105A
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The Utility Axe by Pro Tool Industries is a great tool and uses older features to make a new, useful, modern axe. The wide steel head provides more weight and momentum for the maximum chopping abilities and powerful swings, while the axe edge cuts materials smoothly and easily. on the other edge there is a chisel tip, which allows for splitting, prying, chiseling, and other actions.

The overall length of the axe is 13" which is relatively compact, but still incredibly useful. The blade is 7 3/4" long and the handle is 5 1/4". It is a 3/16" blade made of carbon steel, heat treated, and powder coated black to prevent rust and corrosion. The handle is made of beautiful, oil stained, hardwood ash. This axe weighs in at 23 ounces. It also includes a black nylon sheath with a honing stone.

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