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Try A Sample! - Emergency Food Storage

You know that you need to prepare, and you know that storing food is a major part of being prepared. Right? Well it is, and finding the right food for you and your family can be very stressful! What if you buy a years worth of food and it ends up that no one likes it?

Before you jump right into buying a ton of food, we reccommend trying a sample of the smallest quantity of food possible. Here, on this page we have all of our smallest selections of food for you. Before you buy a lot, try it out without spending a ton of money and see if you enjoy it.

Some of these food packages might not seem like samples, but they are the smallest quantities of food that we can sell to you. At least buying less at first will offer you less risk, and you can always come back to stock up later! However, if you want to get prepared as quickly as possible, it may be wise to get all that you need now!

FREE Shipping within Continental US!

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