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Hear what people have to say:

"I have tried many brands of the survival foods and long term storage meals from many different companies from freeze dried to canned meats... Let me tell you, the Survival Cave canned meats are THE BEST! They are so good you can eat them right out of the can! I won't even bother with another brand now because experience has taught me that you won't find better. You can use them for everyday meals as well as long term storage. Sure makes a big difference in my grocery bill when I can use these delicious meats instead of running to the store for meats that I would just cut up to use in casseroles etc. Soooo good!"

- Lena


"It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Your videos were an extreme help in making my decision to try the meat products you offer.  I purchased my first order, taste tested the pork and beef. They were great and at a reasonable price.  I have submitted another larger order and would not hesitate to recommend your business. In addition, to great products, good prices, your service is excellent!  Thanks EFW!"

- Sharon

"Hey Dan

Sandy was a pretty epic storm down here, and I was totally psyched to have all of my WaterBricks full and ready (still using them today).  My shop got ~5' of water and the house got a few feet in it.  My supertanker wasn't high enough to not go floating around, but the bricks are awesome.  Once i get back in the house and get my act together, i may purchase another batch of them.  The town where I grew up had 60 houses destroyed, and they are going to tear down another 200. They only had 520 to begin with. Crazy stuff. Hope you are well!"

- Bill (only a few days after Hurricane Sandy)

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