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Survival Cave Food

logo.gifSurvival Cave Food is a great brand devoted to helping people get prepared, offering the highest quality, lowest priced freeze dried foods and canned meats on the market! This gives you an affordable, high value food that will give you the nutrients you need and keep you healthy.

Survival Cave freeze dried food has a shelf life of 20 years and has a variety of meal options at 2,000 calories per day. Survival Cave is much healthier and contains less sodium than many other brands of freeze dried food, while still retaining it's great taste! Each package comes in a bucket with individual packages inside. These packages contain multiple servings, but are zip lock resealable so you only use what you want. All you need to do to prepare these meals is add water, wait a few minutes, and enjoy!

Survival Cave Canned Meats are also a great option or addition to your food storage. Sometimes your food storage can lack the proper protein that your body needs, and these canned meats are a perfect solution. The canned meats come in cases of 14.5 or 28 ounce cans, and each case contains 12 cans. 

SurvivalCave uses the finest quality meats and hand packs them in each can. These canned meats are cooked very differently than most others. They are slow pressure cooked at 240 degrees and have no added water or broth. Everything in the can is pure meat and the juice from the meat. Survival Cave canned meats are all natural and do not contain MSG, additives, fillers, or chemicals. They are low sodium, low in fat, and healthy! They are 100% USDA inspected meats and 100% US meats. A general shelf life for these meats is between 12-15 years.

Hear what a customer of ours has to say about them!

"I have tried many brands of the survival foods and long term storage meals from many different companies from freeze dried to canned meats... Let me tell you, the Survival Cave canned meats are THE BEST! They are so good you can eat them right out of the can! I won't even bother with another brand now because experience has taught me that you won't find better. You can use them for everyday meals as well as long term storage. Sure makes a big difference in my grocery bill when I can use these delicious meats instead of running to the store for meats that I would just cut up to use in casseroles etc. Soooo good!" - Lena

Beef shortages!

Please be aware that there are nationwide beef shortages at this time. Due to these shortages, we are actually seeing increased demand for our beef products, which is putting a drain on our supply. At this time all orders for beef will be on a 3-week delay on all orders received after 8/6/14.

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