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Outdoor Food

We provide a number of outdoor ready made meals you can eat on the go. The beauty behind our outdoor meals is not only the taste but the convenience. Each individual pouch is made for you to simply add water into the pouch, cook it in just minutes and eat it right out of the package. It’s that simple! Below is quick breakdown of our outdoor meal line to help you understand how amazing these outdoor meals are!

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Now made with real meat in every pack!

Every flavor now contains real meat, giving you the most protein for your money. Each serving contains excellent nutrition that will surely keep you full and ready to go in the outdoors!

Serving Size to keep you fueled.

Each pouch is packed with several servings of delicious ready-made meals. Included in each pouch is a whopping 900 calories of food. Don’t let that fool you though, it’s because of how much food we put inside each individual item that our outdoor meals can provide multiple servings when you’re on the go.

Convenient and Great Tasting.

We understand what it’s like when you’re on the go outdoors. Wise Outdoor Meals allow you to prepare your meals in any condition. Just add hot water into the pouch, wait 10 to 12 minutes and there you have it. A complete meal ready for you to eat directly from the pouch. Restore your energy and get back to having fun or bugging out!

Great for packing in your bug out bag!

Each package is very thin and can be easily squeezed into tight spaces. Wise Outdoor Meals are very compact and could be stored in a bug out bag for years until the day that you finally need them. Despite the packages being so small, when water is added, the food will reconstitute and expand into a very filling and nutritious meal. To learn more about bug out bags click here: Bug Out Bags and Gear Packs.

Surprisingly Affordable.

Each serving costs you only a couple dollars! That’s right, Wise Food Outdoor Meals retail on average $2.66 per serving. With other vendors charging more than $4.10 per serving, it's just another reason to choose Wise Foods.

Amazing Shelf-Life.

If the cost savings of this wonder food hasn’t shocked you, maybe the shelf life will. We’re not talking a few months or even 12 months that you’ll still get fresh tasting food. No, the shelf life for our Outdoor Meals is 7 years. Plus, we guarantee that the taste will still be just as fresh.

Made in the USA.

Like every part of what we do, we take pride in our product lines and where they come from. That’s why when you purchase any of our ready-made meals you can rest-assured that these high-quality products are made in the USA.

All too often you hear horror stories of people going on camping or hiking trips and getting lost, having to fight for survival. This is a very realistic scenario that you could find yourself in if you're an outdoors adventure type of person. It is best to be prepared for everything. These are also great for use in general outdoor activities, not everything has to be about preparation. You can use these for anything, and the ease of use is incredible and perfect for the outdoors!

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