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Non-Hybrid Seeds

Huge Sale!  Save between $20 to $100 - While Supplies Last!

When people are making their emergency plans they often forget one major thing. That important factor is growing your own food and storing seeds. Being able to have your own food supply in your backyard or on your property is extremely convenient and helps greatly in times of need.

Heirloom Organics Seeds are excellent for storage and have great value. The long shelf life and the variety and number of seeds are far better than the competitors. Also, all of the seeds are non-hybrid, which means that the person growing them can collect the seeds from the plants and use them agin for more storage or to grow more!

All of these main non-hybrid seed packs are perfect for individuals, families, farmers, or large groups. The smaller packs work great at home and the larger packs can even be used for home storage in case of an emergency. Food will become one of the most needed goods in hard times and these seeds will provide you with plenty!

Please note that the lead time on all seed packs is approximately 30 days due to the incredibly high demand.


Estimated Acreage Required to plant ALL the seeds at once:
Seed Vault - 1 acre
Family Pack - 2 acres
Homestead Pack - 2.5 to 3 acres
Farm Pack - 3-5 acres. 

Acreage Disclaimer: The exact amount of acreage required depends on several factors. HOW you plant the seeds. Traditional rows, raised beds, pots, etc? Do you plant the pole beans in with the corn to grow up the stalks? Or separately in their own section. Germination rate and whether or not you plant the entire contents at once all factor into how much land you would require.

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