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Humless Generators

HumlessLogo.jpegHumless makes a very unique generator for different situations like emergency preparedness, camping, and even medical uses. However, this is not a standard generator. Some may not even call it a generator at all, but it is. Humless generators are solar powered generators and can also be charged and stored away for a year for later use with no preparation or tune ups when it is needed. They are also silent! No one around can even hear it!

Certain emergencies will cause you to lose power, as we have just recently seen with Hurricane Sandy. Many families affected by the storm would have greatly benefitted by having some backup power. Many families wished they had something. The Humless generators won't power everything in your house, but they will definitely be enough to get by when you need it.

There are two different models, the Humless Roadrunner and the Humless Sentinel. They ony really differ in size and power capabilities, but generally have the same features. Scroll down for more info.

When people think of a generator, they think of something that creates power. This is exactly what the Humless generators do. All generators need fuel. Many use gas, but the Humless uses solar power. With the use of solar power, these generators can easily keep many things running constantly in your home.

The Humless generators are all completely silent and 100% safe. There are no gas, fumes, or even noise, which makes for a great power source that you can use in small, enclosed spaces as much as you want. They are also a great solution to powering a CPAP machine or other medically required devices.

They are able to charge while powering items, which makes for an endless power source, if used with solar power. You might think that it would die overnight, but they charge all day. As long as you aren't trying to power anything too big, the Humless Sentinel should last until the sun is back up. Here are some run times:

Appliance   Humless Sentinel
5W LED Bulb  

100 hours

CB Radio   100 hours
12" Fan   15 hours
Laptop ( using while connected)   8 – 10 hours 
Laptop (using while disconnected)   25-40 hours
19" DC  LCD/LED TV   20 hours
CPAP (No heat)   25-50 hours


The Sentinel can be charged with AC and DC power sources. You can plug it into a standard outlet, plug in a solar panel very easily, charge it in your car, or use any other DC power source. Each unit has AC, USB, and even 12V DC outputs. These are very simple to use and are great for some of the more important items in your home.

These will not power all of the giant appliances in your house, but should be enough for a refrigeratoror a washer or dryer.


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