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Heirloom Organics Seeds

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HeirloomLogo.jpgAll Heirloom Organic seeds are non-hybrid and non-GMO. This means that the person who plants them can go collect the seeds from the plants and reuse or store them. You cannot do this with hybrid seeds. The non-GMO means that the seeds are not genetically modified. All Heirloom Organics seed packs are sealed for long term storage. The seeds are meant to be used now and saved for an emergency.

All Heirloom Organics seeds are constantly rotated to ensure that you have the best shelf life. You are getting a great value on your seeds, many seeds for very fair price. These non-hybrid seed packs are developed for ease of use, and for use within the most common environmental and social conditions.

Some reasons to use non-hybrid seeds are the higher nutritional value, the food storage security, and the lower cost of living.

Please note that the lead time on all seed packs is approximately 30 days due to the incredibly high demand.

Estimated Acreage Required:
Seed Vault - 1 acre
Family Pack - 2 acres
Homestead Pack - 2.5 to 3 acres
Farm Pack - 3-5 acres.

Acreage Disclaimer: The exact amount of acreage required depends on several factors. HOW you plant the seeds. Traditional rows, raised beds, pots, etc? Do you plant the pole beans in with the corn to grow up the stalks? Or separately in their own section. Germination rate and whether or not you plant the entire contents at once all factor into how much land you would require.

Heirloom Organics non-hybrid seed packs are the largest quantity (weight and seed count) for the money you spend! They also give you a lot of each variety of seed! None of those little packages from the garden store, but enough to have extras for storage!

The main seed packs are designed to accommodate wherever you live, whatever the light conditions are, however many people are in your family or group, and whatever your storage and nutritional needs are. The main Heirloom Organics seed packs are all the complete packages of the essentials. There are the specialty packs for anything else you may need!

All of the seed packs except for the special herb packs are processed for long term storage. (The herb packs can't be processed because the seeds are too fragile.) Heirloom Organics uses methods approved of and developed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA). Heirloom Organics is the only seed manufacturer implementing these procedures today!

Heirloom Organics uses their exclusive VAULT method of seed preparation for long term storage. This process is designed to give average, everyday seeds twice their normal shelf life! The VAULT system uses advanced moisture management and double sealing processes to get the most life out of the seeds without adding anything bad to them! All main seed packs and certain specialty packs are also then stored in a heavy duty, water and moisture-proof, resealable, green buckets for optimal storage and protection!

Here is an explanation for the term VAULT.

Viability-Advanced for Ultra Long-Term

  • Viability - (the germination rate of seeds)
  • Advanced - (moisture-modified for maximum germination rate)
  • for Ultra Long-Term extended shelf-life.

Growing and storing your own food is growing increasingly popular. Back in the times of World War II, most American families had their own gardens, called Victory Gardens. This was also a time when the economy was doing well. Think it might have had something to do with people providing for themselves?