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Freeze Dried Fruits

Wise Food's Gourmet Freeze Dried Fruit and Gourmet Snacks package is great! It includes four different fruits and yogurt, pudding, and caramel sauce. These are great together, or as an addition to a Wise breakfast. The yogurt and fruit would go great with the crunch granola, found in many of Wise's other packages.

The Gourmet Freeze Dried Fruit and Gourmet Snacks come in mylar packages, all inside of a standard Wise grab and go bucket. The fruits and snacks are a great extra source of nutrition and flavor to your food storage. With breakfasts, entrees, meats, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and sauces, Wise Food Storage really has every food you will ever need. You will never get bored of it either!

Please note that Survival Cave Food includes a few servings of fruit in each of their larger buckets, but it will not measure up to these products.

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