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Wise Food Storage makes delicious breakfasts and entrees that everyone will enjoy. The breakfasts include three different meals, apple cinnamon cereal, multi-grain cereal, and crunchy granola. The granola is best served in a bowl of milk or eaten dry, and of course, the cereals go great with milk. The entrees are also great. They are easy to prepare (just add boiling water and wait for 12-15 minutes), they taste great, and they're affordable. The entrees are also all vegetarian, but their freeze dried meats make a great addition to any meal.

New Black Edition Wise Food:

Wise has fully renovated their menu. They removed some of the less popular foods in their storage kits and replaced them with great new flavors! On top of the menu changes, new Wise Foods also include much less sodium and trans fats! (Almost half as much as before!)

Wise really wanted to show that this premium line has the highest quality possible. To do this, they completely remodeled the packaging that the food comes in as well as the entire bucket! The new package black label and the new bucket symbolize the higher quality.

And you might be thinking that with the higher quality comes with a higher price, but it doesn't! All of the new Wise Foods have the same price as before!

Be the first to get the new Black Edition Wise Food here at EmergencyFoodWarehouse.com!

* Please note that this product will ship in the old tan buckets until they run out. At that time they will begin shipping in the all black buckets.

The last three products on this page are the Outdoor Food line and NOT the new formula. However, everything else is new.

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