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FSDLogo.jpegFood Supply Depot is not just another freeze dried or dehydrated food company. They have very honest servings that actually include a calorie count, unlike many other brands. Nothing would be more tragic than believing that you are sufficiently prepared for an emergency, only to find out that you don't have enough when something strikes.

In addition to their honest serving sizes, Food Supply Depot has healthy meals. Every meal is 100% vegetarian, making them nutrient dense. Since they are plant based, they are full of nutrition and able to nourish your body with fewer calories. It is all additive free with no harmful chemicals.

Each 3-ply pouch contains one family-serving entree, lunch, beverage, or staple. By flushing out the oxygen, each pouch is sealed to protect the nutrition and taste for 20 years when stored properly!

The buckets are great for on the go! They are designed to be very stable and easy to stack. They also have convenient handles that make carrying a breeze, and they are a sensible weight so they are great for grab and go!

The selections of food from Food Supply Depot are all very popular dishes that everyone is sure to love! All you need is water and a few minutes to cook. There is nothing better than a home style meal after a hard or worrisome day, that takes less time to make than it would to go through a fast food drive-through.

No matter how you do the math, you can nourish your body with one of our healthy, quick prep meals for less than the cost of a drive-though meal. No competitors match Food Supply Depot's quality, nutrition, and calories per dollar.

Food Supply Depot uses a combination of freeze drying and dehydrationg methods on their foods to provide the highest quality food in texture, taste, price, and nutrition.

They are also unique in having buckets of each individual meal and even beverage! They offer staples such as rice and beans, and of course great tasting meals!


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