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Emergency Water Filters

Disasters can affect the quality of a water supply for a long time, even after the disaster has passed. Water may become polluted with viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals. If this does happen, you might be out of drinking water until the problem is fixed. Who knows how long it could take to clean the entire water supply and fix any problems? Months? Maybe even years?

Your best bet, to ensure you will always have a clean supply of drinking water, is to have some type of water filtration device. All of our water filters can take the dirtiest water that you can find and take out all of the harmful materials in them. In any emergency you will be able to produce clean water, ready to drink.

Water filters are a great investment! Whenever you can't find clean water to drink, you just collect the dirty water and clean it for yourself. Some of the larger filtration systems purify the water very quickly, and some of the smaller ones still get the job done nicely. It would be ideal to have a filtration system in your house so you could use it at all times, and have it in case of an emergency. Who knows what's in the water you usually drink at home? If you're using a filter, you will have the peace of mind knowing theres nothing in it and you can clean very polluted water, in times of need. 

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