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Emergency Survival Kits

Any prepared family will have survival kits packed and ready to go. If you don't want the hassle of building your own survival kit, take a look at one of our pre-made backpack survival kits. Each of our packs has enough essential supplies to last up to 2 weeks for a single person, but can be used for multiple people.

Emergency survival kits are important parts of anyones survival plan. They provide key items that are needed during an emergency such as, light sources, food, water and first aid materials. Emergency survival kits should be stored in easily accessible places such as a entryway closet or somewhere else near an exit to your house. It is also highly recommended that you store a kit in your car just in case. They should never be stored in hard to reach places, as many emergencies will happen with very little warning and require you reach your supplies immediately.

Here, at Emergency Food Warehouse, we want you to be prepared for any event that may arise. Our emergency kits provide you with everything you need without the hassle of having to pack everything yourself. We do suggest, however, that you do add to our packs. Things such as copies of important documents, money and other small things that you may want to take with you when you evacuate are great additions to our kits. You do want to be careful not to overload the packs though. There is such a thing as having too much stuff in a kit, and weight can easily become a major factor when you are forced to walk several miles. Try to keep the kit at a manageable weight by taking it with you on a hike or walk to ensure you can carry it long distances if the need should arise.

Emergency survival kits are essential to being prepared for an emergency. They are also one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to ensure your safety. Wise has done an excellent job packing their kits with items that are easy to carry and will greatly help in an emergency.

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Want to build your own kit? Start with a pack here: Bug Out Bags and Gear Packs.

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If you decide to add/remove items from our kits, we suggest that you make sure it still has the following items.

  • Light source
  • Food for at least 72 hours
  • Water or water filters
  • Batteries
  • Phone
  • First aid kit
  • Materials for a makeshift shelter
  • Change of cloths
  • Important documents
  • Money

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