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Emergency Food

Food storage is an important step in the security of our families. Every month we pay insurance bills to cover the costs of emergencies that may happen, so why not do the same for our food. In these uncertain economic and social times, it is clear that anything can happen. 

So what happens when there's a food shortage? First, the stores get cleaned out. As demonstrated with Hurricane Katrina, it can happen in only hours. Then people try and stretch out what food they do have as long as possible. When they run out, they turn to scavenging, stealing or worse, murder. That is why it is best to be prepared for the possibility of a food shortage whether it is in a small area or affecting the entire country. Do you want to be one of the families who is out there scavenging or killing for food? Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have food no matter the situation. 

Emergency Food Warehouse offers the best tasting, longest shelf life emergency food for long term food storage. Food storage can be complex involving many supplies, rotating your food and extensive planning. The products we offer make protecting your family with an emergency food supply simple.


It is very important to have backup food in your house at all times. When there's an emergency and there's no food left in the stores, you will be the one who can stay safe at home and not go hungry. With Wise Food Storage, you will also know that the food stored in your house will not go bad either. All of their food has a 25 year life and it tastes good too!

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