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Entrees - Freeze Dried Meals and Emergency Food Storage

Most people eat three meals a day. Some say breakfast is the most important, but lunch and dinner are usually the biggest, fullest meals. All of our freeze dried or dehydrated lunch and dinner entrees are delicious, filling, and nutritious.  

These are meals that your family will love. These are meals that will keep you prepared for an emergency for years to come. Everyone needs to have some type of food storage in their home, and if you are just starting, start here. You can add variety later, but make sure that you have big, filling servings to start.

We only offer the finest foods, and we are constantly looking for more options. Whatever you decide to go with will surely give you that peace of mind that comes along with being prepared. Just be sure to get enough food for everyone you will be providing for and decide how long you want to prepare for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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