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Canned Meat

Canned meat is simply another way of storing your food. Many people just rely on their freeze dried food as the only food they have stored, but this may not give you all of the protein you need. Protein gives you the energy that you need to do your daily tasks and without it you will be in a tough spot.

28ozChicken.jpgNot too many people are able to can their own food. Some do, but most people often just buy a bunch of canned goods. This is obviously the easiest way to go about this, but you must make sure that you are getting what you really want! We only offer the highest quality meats that you are sure to love!

There are five standard types of meats; beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and ground beef. All of these meats have no additives and are only 100% U.S. meats. There is no added water or broth, so you are only paying for meat and nothing else.

Survival Cave also give you the option to mix your cases and pallets of canned meat. Many other companies will not give you this choice, but it is something that we find absolutely necessary.

Most people would like more than one type of meat if they plan to eat it everyday in an emergency. If you don't want to buy five different cases of canned meat just to get a wide variety, you don't have to. We reccommend that you try out a mixed case and see what you really enjoy. After you decide which meats you would like to have in your storage, you can get more. In many cases, people will try a mixed case and later come back for a whole pallet. The pallets can also be easily mixed to your liking as well!

Canned meat will last many years and will quite possibly outlive your other food storage. Our canned meats are all healthy, low in sodium, and low in fat, so they could definitely be eaten regularly if you ever need to. Invest in canned meats now!

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