What’s the Best Way to Store Water in an Emergency?

Many people prepare by storing food. However, one necessity that is ofter over looked is water storage. Water storage can be done multiple different ways. Water can be stored around the house in various containers like our WaterBrick or the 250 Gallon SuperTanker. This is the ideal way to do it.

If you’re running short on time and haven’t prepared to store water, you can always fill up containers, storage bins, or bath tubs around the house. The water that is stored in these needs to be purified before it can be drinken, but at least you will know that you have some amount of water if you do need it. This approach should ONLY be taken if you have not previously prepared water.

At the least, you do need a water filter, like the Berkey Filters, in your house. With a water filter you will be able to clean that water stored in the unsterilized containers, and it will be ready to drink with no problems. These are even great for just everyday use too.

We strongly suggest that you decide to include both water storage containers and water filters in your preparedness planning. This is simply the best way to be ready with the needed water.

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