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ALL AquaPails are sold out. 

Unfortunately, we will not be getting any more.

They are no longer being manufactured due to an inability to get enough of the Zeolite materials used in the manufacturing process.

Please take a look at the Berkey Water Filters for another great water filtration option. 


AquaPail - An Innovative Water Filter 

Up to 5000 gallons of clean water wherever you are!

What is it?  The AquaPail consists of a bucket with several filtering compounds inside of it.  While it seems simple in design, the results are quite outstanding.  See the links below for test result documents. 

Scroll down for videos and pictures too!

ALL AquaPails are sold out. 

Gravity Fed:  AquaPails are completely gravity fed and are also a high flow water filter. This means that the water that you put in is what comes out. There is no delay while the water passes through the filter, and no pumping or electronics.

Capacity:  The model numbers indicate approximately how much water each device can filter.  So, the AquaPail 400 will filter 400 gallons of water, the 1000 will filter 1000 gallons, and so on. 

The smallest bucket will give one person a supply of clean water for an entire year at a gallon per day. The bigger AquaPails will provide even more. They are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and also non-polluting.

The logical choice:  The AquaPail is truly an innovative water filter which works efficiently, killing any virus or bacteria, and removing any pollutants. It is probably the most cost effective way of filtering water, since you can get 5,000 gallons for only $500. This water filter is an obvious choice for anyone who is looking into preparedness.

Click here for Full detailed information about the AquaPail.

Click here for AquaPail Test Results.

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Convenient Bucket Design


Locking Lid


Grab and Go Handle


Debris Catching Screen Filter


Filter Element


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